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Brush Strokes


more permanent brow techniques

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for microblading. Good news! I offer a variety of techniques that can answer almost any brow concern. Another increasingly popular technique is called powder brows. Powder brows are great for ALL skin types, and are a particularly great solution for anyone who has oily and/or thick skin, or needs to cover up previous microblading/tattooing. This technique tends to last longer, and causes less trauma to the skin. It can also achieve amazing results with color correction, which microblading alone cannot achieve. There are different styles that can be done using this technique, which is done using a machine to achieve its soft, powdery results. Please see below for a breakdown of each technique! 



  • Very natural, IF you already have full brows

  • Replaces hairs NOT makeup

  • Normal to dry skin types

  • More chance of scarring

  • Fades quickly

  • Not advised for cover-ups


  • Great for sparse brows, but who still want “fluff"

  • Normal to dry skin types

  • Chance of scarring

  • Fades, but not as quickly as microblading alone

  • Can be used for cover-ups (if very faded)



  • Great for full OR sparse brows

  • ALL skin types

  • Replaces makeup

  • Less chance of scarring

  • Lasts longer

  • Great for cover-ups

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