I've been an artist my entire life, particularly skilled in sketching and calligraphy. I've also always enjoyed makeup artistry, and in the past several years, I've helped countless friends and family members with both makeup and nails whether it be for their wedding day or just a special night out. In the last few years, however, I became increasingly obsessed with the perfect brows. I truly enjoy helping friends define and fill in their brows—I believe the power of the brow should never be underestimated! I didn't think it was possible to combine my artistic skills and my love for perfect brows into a career, but here I am today!


In 2016, I got my certification in microblading from Microblading LA Academy, taught by Lindsey Ta, one of the most skilled microblading artists in the world! I wanted to develop my technique further, so I received a second certification from the renowned PhiBrows Academy, known for it's extremely detailed style of microblading. I've also received training certificates from SoftInk, Shay Danielle, and a few others! I've developed my own unique style that combines the best of all techniques I've learned over the years into one. I will never stop learning - I am extremely passionate about my job - I truly love what I do!

With my steady hand, artistic background and keen sense of symmetry, I am able to create amazing, low-maintenance brows! Trust me, you're going to love them.